Translation of Swiss File Knife announced

CtoJ announces the translation of the popular open-source tool Swiss File Knife.


C++ to C# generator announced

CtoJ announces the release of a C++ to C# generator in Q1 2008.


Technology article

One page teaser about the reasoning behind CtoJ

FAQ - Architecture

Can I re-architect my code during migration?

By default CtoJ's generator does not re-architect the code. Implementing custom rulesets would allow for exchange of your legacy database access layer by a Java database access layer, or the legacy logging framework with Log4J.


What happens to my data, layers, structures and UI?

The default approach would be to analyze these code parts and create customized rulesets together with the client. This might result in a migration of the database access layer or just in comments, marking these parts for manual review.


What happens to my Soap/RMI/RPC/COM Interfaces?

This is up to the client's wish. CtoJ's offers customized rulesets to migrate these interfaces or can even assist with a manual translation if the interfaces are too complex.


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